Useful Information

What you need to know

Serapa Safaris pride themselves on planning and fulfilling a dream safari of a lifetime. With over 35 species of plains game and 4 of the big 5 roaming on Serapa, there are numerous options regarding duration of hunts for every budget. Serapa Safaris has access to numerous hunting concessions for some of the specialized and highly sought after trophies in numerous hunting concessions throughout Southern, Eastern and Central Western Africa.

Professional Hunters


Serapa use only highly qualified and experienced professional hunters with numerous years of dangerous game experience. All of our professional hunters have been licenced through top accredited agents. With a vast knowledge of animal behaviour and trophy judgement they will make it their quest to harvest you the best possible trophies giving you a world class safari experience. Combined with the help of a seasoned driver and tracker, who has spent years mastering this difficult and complicated craft, together they form an integral part of a great team, making sure that your chances of success are as high as possible.

Air Transfers


With its own dirt airstrip right behind the lodge air transfers into and out of Serapa is easy. Serapa Safaris owns their own Cessna 206, this reliable light aircraft will comfortably seat 4 passengers with a limited amount of luggage. Where we have bigger hunting groups we have numerous charter planes that will comfortably accommodate all size hunting parties. Road transfers from Johannesburg to Serapa can be arranged for clients in numerous sized vehicles. Please just take note that this road transfer is a 6 hour drive.

Hunting Vehicles


Serapa has a well-maintained fleet of customised Toyota Land Cruisers. These vehicles have custom made seats allowing the hunter and professional hunter to spot game off in the distance, giving the hunting party an advantage. Comfortable chairs allow the hunter to hunt all day without getting sore or uncomfortable. A coolerbox is filled with ice cold drinks to quench the hunters’ thirst during the warm Kalahari days.

What to bring

  • Chargers – Various chargers and travel adaptors for South African plugs.
    PLEASE NOTE that all plug outlets in South Africa run 220V so a power converter may be required for electrical chargers that only accept 110V.
  • Binoculars – a good pair of 10X40 binoculars will be great to use on Serapa.
  • Clothing – Serapa has a laundry service that does laundry on a daily basis so we advise you not to bring too much hunting clothes.
  • Digital Camera – A good quality still camera with at least 14MP that can take pictures in low light will be great. Please just ensure that your camera charger takes 220V.

  • 4 Hunting shirts
  • 4 Hunting long pants/zip off pants
  • 3 pairs shorts
  • Hat and or Ball cap
  • 1 warm jacket
  • 2 pairs of comfortable hiking boots
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 2 outfits for relaxing around the camp fire
  • We recommend that all hunting clothes be a dark colour such as camouflage and olive greens. Some of the bushes on the property have thorns so we recommend a thicker tear resistant range of clothing rather than nylon fishing shirts.

As per hunting regulations in South Africa any dangerous game (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino, Hippo) to be hunted needs to be done with a minimum calibre of .375. This calibre is one of the most versatile out there and with the right ammunition can be used to harvest plains game as well. We recommend a common calibre for plains game species, your average shots will be anywhere between 100 – 300 yards, bearing this in mind no super fast shooting calibres are recommended. Some of the rifles that have performed best on Serapa have been .300 Win Mag and 7MM, these rifles perform well on antelope ranging from steenbok to eland.
Serapa Safaris also has a wide variety of rifles in different calibres that are available for clients to use.

  • Barnes TSX
  • Woodleigh
  • Swift A-Frame
  • Nosler Partitions and
  • Hornady

We recommend a good quality scope with clear glass for hunting plains game on Serapa. A variable scope of 3-9 power should be sufficient.
Serapa Safaris also has a wide variety of rifles in different calibres that are available for clients to use.

Serapa Safaris recommends using an experienced arms clearing agent when entering South Africa with weapons. For the last few years Serapa has had a great relationship withHunters support/Air 2000 based in Lanseria airport, we highly recommend using this professional and seasoned import team.
Please see their link below:


If you would like to import your own rifle please see all the required information that you will need to know with the importation of firearms into South Africa.

FAQ Firearm import into South Africa


When importing a firearm into South Africa you will need to fill in the SAPS 520 import permit form which will need to be handed to a South African Immigration officer when entering South Africa. The form is available for digital download on the following link:

SAPS Firearm import permit 520

Serapa has numerous style bow blinds. Most bow hunting will either be done over waterholes or over a food substitute such as a mineral lick or Alphalpha.
We have knowledgeable professional hunters that are experienced bow hunters and when booking a bow-hunting safari we recommend that you discuss bow specifications for certain trophies.